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Who we are

  Our experience and our specialized technical knowledge in the construction industry, combined with our passion for the sea, pushed us to create Pigeas . A new addition to the demanding world of boats , with desalination solutions for all sizes of vessels . Our company consists of people with experience, in the areas that form the basis of any successful business. Added value, the materials we use, are manufactured by the best in the industry, and we obtain them from the most reliable suppliers.

   Our goal is to provide a high level of service to our customers, always targeting in the ideal solution for each case, combining the customer delight experience, from the beginning of communication, to the delivery of the project.

    Of course our services do not end here. We are only at the beginning of a unique partnership. The maintenance of the desalination system that you have chosen to obtain from our company, or the one you have already installed on your boat, is now a personal matter of Pigeas . With a scheduled reminder for the next appointment from the day of installation or maintenance, we will remind you in time for the change of membrane and / or the maintenance of the equipment . We register the model and the accessories of your desalination system, in our digital files system, so we can provide you with spare parts and consumables, at any time needed.

   All of the above are in line with our values ​​and culture, to create a relationship of trust with each customer, who for us is unique .

   We will be happy to contact us and discuss together in finding the ideal desalination solution for your boat or to undertake the maintenance, repair or improvement of your existing desalination system.

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